Game-Keeper 3.14 installation. Part 7 - Licensing

1. Licensing principles

1.1. For protection from illegal access Game-Keeper use the protection system founded on dongles.

1.2. For every computer there is a proper dongle with necessary license saved inside, for server – Manager key, for manager computer – Personal cards key, for cash stations – Cash station key, for Booth and InfoBooth – Booth key and Info Booth, respectively.

1.3. License protected application ID table (GK3 modules).

# (ID) Name Comment
1 DB server  
2 gkAgent  
3 gkPos  
4 InfoTerminal  
5 PayTerminal  
6 CardManagement  
7 gkEditor  
8 ITV link interface  

2. Hardware

For every computer that will be used for Game-Keeper you need to install driver for that dongle. It is situated in the folder Protection of installation distributive.

·        Run \drivers.4'85\INSTDRV.EXE and press [Install driver]

·        After that put the dongle into USB port of proper computer and install it like new hardware

·        If everything is alright the dongle should be glow the green light.

·        Repeat all the steps on every computer of the system.

·        Remember that dongle must be put in USB port permanently for correctly working of the system.

3. Software

3.1. License.exe utility to be used.

3.2. License code has: validity period (expiration date), software ID (project) and application IDs (modules), client quantity (amount) inside.

3.3. Get "session code" from tab "view".

3.4. Send session code to UCS license manager with all important license details (described above) which you want to have for current key and wait for license code.

3.5. Put license code got from UCS to "set" tab field and press 'set' button.

3.6. Session code will be changed to new one that fits entered license (mind that if you will ask for this license change in future - you always have to send current "session code").