1. gkEditor

1.1. Editor is the main manager back office application.

1.2. Runnable file name is gkEditor.exe located in \gkEditor\ folder.

1.3. Settings file is gkEditor.ini

1.3.1. Example content

ServerName =

1.3.2. Description of parameters ServerName - IP address of gkMServer.exe

1.4. You need to have gkMServer running before you start gkEditor.

1.4.1. Use credentials specified in User managed (and saved to DB) to login.

1.5. You must have \lib\ folder with GK DLL files in PATH of OS, where you run gkEditor.

2. Configuring User manager and Report manager

1)     Before first running of User manager or Reports manager do next activities:

·        Run C:\Game-Keeper\gkInstall\software\gkReports\Bin\Configurator.exe

·        Fill following fields and press the button on the end of field “Connection string” like it shown on the picture below.

Application: User management and reports

Database type: MS SQL

Connection type: DCOM connection


·        Choose Provider page and double click Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

·        Type GK_LOCAL in Select or enter a server name field.

·        Choose parameter Use a specific user name and password, type sa in User name field, 123456 – in Password field (default sa password) and put tick on parameter Allow saving password. Then in the field Select the database on the server choose gkArcade.

·        Press [Test Connection] and get the message Test connection succeeded

·        Then in main window the row Connection string should be look like this:

Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Password="123456";Persist Security Info=True;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=gkArcade;Data Source=GK_LOCAL

·        Press the button [Register applications server]

·        Press the button [Save] and exit the program

·        Run C:\Game-Keeper\gkInstall\software\gkReports\Bin\RU_server.exe

·        Run C:\Game-Keeper\gkInstall\software\gkReports\Bin\gkRptServer.exe

2)     Each employee that works with the system must be registered in users list with appointed permissions to the system. Working with users list and their permissions is realized in User manager application. All changes of user permissions will take effect after restarting application of the system. First of all it needs give all permissions that the system has to Administrator user. Later customer can add other users according his requirements (cashiers, managers etc.)

·        Start User manager program (default Administrator password is “1”) by running


·        Choose Administrator user by clicking on it in the left part of window. Then go to Rights page:

·        Choose every subfolder (except last) in folder User rights and put ticks on every permission that will be shown in right part of program window. Then press Save button and close program.

3)     Configure Reports manager application:

·        Start Reports manager program (default Administrator password is “1”) by running


·        Go to Options Database and press button [Add..]

·        Choose Connection type – DCOM Connection and fill other field like it shown below:

·        Press [Connection test] and be sure that everything is alright

·        Press [OK] and [Save]

·        Go to menu item Options Filters and press button [Add filter]. Enter the Name and DLL-filename:

·        Press [Save] and [Close]

·        Now you can add and build reports. Choose menu item Reports → Import group of reports, choose path to reports and press [Import] button.

·        Reports are ready