Password encrypting

1)     From the version 3.14 of database the Game-Keeper system use the function of passwords encrypting in configuration files (*.ini). So if you change default SQL password for sa user (123456) you also need to change it in all configuration files using the program gkpw (folder \gkInstall\software\gkpw from the installation distributive).

2)     You need to encrypt the password for every Game-Keeper program.

Run program gkPW.exe

Choose proper configuration file in the field Configuration file, by example C:\Game-Keeper\gkInstall\software\gkCards\gkCards.ini

Set here old and new passwords and press [OK]

Configuration file should look like this:


ServerName = GK_LOCAL

UserName = sa

Password =083204044C3D3D5012202010720A0C76     //encrypted password




3)     Repeat step 2 with other configuration files. The full list of configuration files that you should to change:

·        \gkInstall\software\gkAgent_gkHost\gkAgent.ini

·        \gkInstall\software\gkCards\gkCards.ini

·        \gkInstall\software\gkPos\gkPos.ini

·        \gkInstall\software\gkRefs\gkRefs.ini

·        \gkInstall\software\gkZoneMon\gkZoneMon.ini

4)     Important notice: the program gkPWn.exe don’t ask old password and change it from any old to the new, so it’s strongly recommended to delete this file after installation and first setting of passwords. Allow to use this program only for administrator of the system.