1. Card activation

·        Every playing card has its own number. Before ordering magnetic cards from the manufacturer request from USC Moscow office set of files with codes generated for cards of your game-center.

·        After that resend Excel (.xls) files from this set to manufacturer of magnetic cards and SQL Script (.sql) files store on your computer and on the server of Game-Keeper.

·        Then open Query Analyzer utility on the server (Start → All Programs → Microsoft SQL Server → Query Analyzer)

·        Login into it under sa user (default password is 123456)

·        Open cards*.sql file that you have received from UCS Moscow office.

·        Press [Execute] button or F5 on the keyboard

·        Execute here other SQL Scripts with card numbers if you have them.

·        Now your cards numbers are stored in the database and you can activate them on the cash station or using gkCards application.

2. Update, add, delete

2.1. From version 3.33+ you have new signature cards.

2.2. In case of upgrade software - you need special card update sql script.

3. Format

3.1. Magnetic stripe

3.1.1. Write track 2

3.1.2. Use prefix ; and postfix ?

3.2. Touchless

3.2.1. Use Mifare 1K cards or tags (64 blocks, numbered from 0 to 63).

3.2.2. Write card number to Sector 1 (block 4 and 5)

3.2.3. Use key A = key B = FFFFFFFFFFFF