1. General

1.1. SH4 and SH5 systems do use imported module "FastReport" for creation of printing report forms.

1.2. In the "StoreHouse v4" software, you can edit layouts using the built-in tool – form designer "Fast Report".

1.3. The following information is exactly the same for both Russian and Foreign partners, dealers, clients.

1.4. There is additional tool frfedit.exe (fast report file editor) available for outsourcing.

1. "Fast Report Designer" is absolutely independent software that has its own writer (not UCS) and its own technical support. For the technical and consulting advice, related to the operating of the following software, go to the official web-site.


2. Due to the specific of usage of the following designer, it is more often represented as a TOOL BUILT-IN third party software (in our case it is "StoreHouse v4"). Usage of designer helps to standardize report forms and facilitate their creation and editing. All necessary information – description of accessible fields (for one or another report groups) and variables are avaliable on FTP


You should pay your attention to such documents as:

- Tags4_FastReports.txt
- Sh_Tags.h
- Tags4_Replication.txt

Unfortunatly, we can provide you only with documents in Russian language,about the avaliability of translated documents ask in our Support Division for foreign partners.

3. The base case of SH4 has a standard set of original forms (the forms set can be different, it depends on the localisation of the software). Usually, the rest forms are created manually. Variants:
 - Either by clients, if dealers provided them with necessary skills of working with the designer.
 - Or by dealers on demand of their clients.
- Or by UCS Company after the response on ability to create the necessary report. In this case, it is necessary to communicate with our Training Department (РК6) and send them expression of requirements with the detailed description of the report form, with what item of SH it should be connected, and the visual model of how it should look like (EXEL-file). After getting the response on ability to create the necessary report, its price is defined. After the payment, our specialists create the following report. 

4. On our technical resource http://tracker.ucs.ru you can also get remendations on creation questions in that case, if you almost created the necessary form, but cannot calculate or fill fields with the required data . On the technical resource, there is no opportunity to create the report form from the very beginning.

5. Details on variables you may found in http://support.ucs.ru/en/node/3137 .