Common information

Integration with liquid control system Berg is made by exchanging information between POS Rkeeper V6 and Berg control block. In result bottling of alcohol will be possible only if certain menu item is in the order.

All necessary software should be taken from UCS ftp from folder  /dealers/r-keeper/Tools/BERG 

Below is a brief outline of integration:

R-Keeper v6 Cash station>>> [Text file] >>>  Local folder or network resource >>> Integration service bergsvc.exe >>> [Interface RS232] >>> The control unit Berg

In practice, it looks like this: 

- bartender or waiter takes the order as usual and add the guest drinks in order
-  Order after saving cash system generates a text file with codes of "allowed for the bottling" drinks
- service interaction bergsvc handles text files, and gives orders to permit the bottling for control device
- bartender pours drinks, using special devices BERG

Configuration of POS

Integration with Berg system requires RKeeper version not lower than 6/97h.

add following parameters to RKEEPER6.INI (on server):

BergPath = path for exchange folder

 BergCategs = SIFR of dish categories, which should be controled

[path for exchange folder]                     - full path
SIFR of dish categories, which should be controled]  - SIFRS shoudl be separated by comma

Remark: parameter BergCategs works since version 6.97i




Configuration of bergsvc.exe

Service implements the basic mechanism of interaction between the cash system R-Keeper system and control the spill Berg.
Software is availabe from  /dealers/r-keeper/Tools/BERG/WINDOWS 

Software is protected by special key Guardant III UCS, which doesn't require other license (driver the same as for other Novex keys):


Remark: Key doesn't control how many copies of bergsvc.exe are running.

Service for application is installed when running with key /INSTALL,  to uninstall service use key /UNINSTALL

Each physical control unit BERG need to run a separate copy of bergsvc.exe - one computer can be install multiple services, placing the files in different directories. But generally a different scheme is used- if the station is installed in the bar, install there Windows, RK6WIN (or RK7) and install bergsvc.exes ervice.

Service takes the settings from the INI-file - the file name must match the name of EXE-file and the file must be in the same directory.

Parameters of the configuration file (default bergsvc.ini):

BergPort = COM1      COM-port, where BERG controller is attached

OrderDir =         exchange folder. Should match the folder set for cash server in parameter BergPath

UserName =           user name  - indicate if the directory is not local, but on the network, set in the format "SERVER \ user", otherwise it would be an error 1312.

Password =           password to access the network directory


Support for cocktails

Since the from the cash system R-Keeper does not transmit information about INGREDIENTS of any drinks or cocktails, and in their preparation requires "permission" to the pour of each component separately, the service bergsvc may convert received cocktails in the individual ingredients.

For this in exhchange folder should be  created file COMPOSIT.TXT.

This is a plain text file, each line describes the composition of the cocktail by ingredients in their codes.

String format:

<Coctail code>=<Codes of ingredients, separated by ;>



4284 = 192; 890; 283; 233


In this example, if on cash station to the order add a cocktail code with code 2983 or 4284, the service bergsvc uses information from the file COMPOSIT.TXT and allow pour resp. the ingredients.



To be able to pouring alcohol, first resp. dish should be added to your order. After adding an item (s) and save order, cash server generates text files with the extension *. otx and writes them to the directory specified in the parameter BergPath - generated file contains information about dishe code, its quantity and other service information.

Further processing performs the interface service - it tries to read files from the exchange and informs the control unit Berg with codes of drinks, allowed for the filling.

Important: a prerequisite for integration is to match the food codes R-Keeper and codes of the acc. electronic dispenser.

After processing the file *. otx, it is removed from the directory exchange.