Table of Contents

1. General

1.1. SH4 to 1C exporter is the separate software.

1.2. Download from .

1.3. Software versions are linked to 1C software (exporter v. 5.02 is for 1C platform 8.2.15 and later "Enterprise Accounting 2.0" or "Enterprise Accounting Corp 2.0" and later; exporter v. 3.02 is for 1С Enterprise 8.2 configuration "Enterprise Accounting 1.6.13"; exporter v. 4.10 (platform 8.2) is for "1С Accounting 2.0" and later).

1.4. For current exporter version you also need: Sh4book.dll module version or later (in the distributive) and StoreHouse version 4.70.172 or later.

1.5. This software is protected with Guardant key preset license.

2. Installation

2.1. Copy "Sh4book.dll" module to StoreHouse client module folder and register that (go to "Start" -> "Run" and input: "regsvr32 %StoreHouse_client_path%\Sh4book.dll").
2.2. Copy "SHto1C.epf" file to the 1C external processing modules folder (company dependent).
2.3. If no file "keys.num" exists in that folder (where you've put "SHto1C.epf") you have to that file from the distributive and put to the folder mentioned. Do not replace this file if already exists!

3. Use

3.1. To start import from 1C Enterprise choose in main menu "File" -> "Open" and point to "SHto1C.epf" file in the corresponding folder (see 2.2.).