1. Purpose and main functions

1.1. Game-Keeper software and hardware is used for game center automation.

1.2. Game-Keeper provides interface for game machine connection and 2-way data exchange.

1.3. GK3 provides customer information and accepts payment in points for service (game).

2. Files and folders

2.1. GK3 distributive cosists of the following folders (average).

\gkReports\bin\ user management, report management modules
\gkEditor\ reference editor module
\gkPosServer\ main DB server module
\gkPos\ cash station module
\gkAgent_gkHost\ arcade router modules
\gkInfo\ info terminal module
\gkOther\ device setting and monitoring tools
\gkpw\ password encoding tools
\GkToSh\ StoreHouse4 exporter
\sql\ database creation and upgrade scripts
\rep\ preset reports in xml format to import

2.2. Distributive may contain other tools (for example, windows task manager schedule for backup) or some modules may be put to UCS FTP server separately.

2.3. Some of necessary software you have to download from other locations (Borland socket server, Microsoft SQL server).

3. Translation

3.1. At current moment you may translate GK3 applications using resourse editor like described in http://support.ucs.ru/en/node/5626 .

3.2. There is translation (to english) package published on UCS FTP server (ftp://ftpint.ucs.ru/Foreigns/Game-Keeper/) for you to use or check what to translate).

3.2.1. You have to do: Install original (russian) version. Replace exe and dll (and other types from translation package) files with translated (compiled) versions. Upgrade DB with translation script. Upload translated objects into the system (reports).