1. How to create a new database

  1. Stop the server

  2. Remove the old bases to some other place

  3. Start SDBConf.exe. Remember paths DataBase file,DataBase log, Clear them.

  4. Start the server.

  5. Start SDBMan.exe. When logging in, press <cancel>.

  6. Select menu item "Other\Create base"


Data file: see p.3

File of the register of updating: see p.3

Path to libraries: a folder with the server's dll (sh_crtdb.dll, sh_serv.dll)

Path to archive: path for creating Backup (any directory)

Administrator's name: Admin

If upgrading is performed from the InterBase, then that is all, 7,8,9 are not required

If a new base is installed in a new restaurant, the following queries are to be performed:

  1. Menu item "File\connection to server". Connect to the base. Do not pay attention to the following message: "Error when loading application library ...SHAdm.bpl. Some functions may be unavailable"

  2. Menu item "Other\Perform query"

Procedure: BuildAll

Library: С:\UCS\sh4\srv\sh_crtdb.dll (full path to sh_crtdb.dll)

Menu item "Document\Perform"

  1. Procedure: Populate

Library: С:\UCS\sh4\srv\sh_crtdb.dll (full path to sh_crtdb.dll)

Menu item "Document\Perform"

Now the base is ready. Start sh.exe and check its operability.

2. Update

The version is updated with the help of Backup\Restore.

  1. Start SDBMan.exe

  2. Select "Service\Backup" Remember the name of the bkp file.

  3. Remember the database size. You can also view "Service\database file size"

  4. With the help of SDBConf.exe, view and remember the path to the DataBase file and DataBase log

  5. Stop server SDBServ.

  6. Save the base file and logfile in some other place

  7. With the help of SDBConf.exe, clear fields DataBase file, DataBase log

  8. Update all exe,dll, bpl

  9. Start server SDBServ.

  10. Start SDBMan.exe. Press "Cancel" when logging in.

  11. Select "Other\restore backup copy...".

Fill in the following fields:

Server - server name (can be viewed with the help of SHSetup.exe)

Backup copy file (see p.2)

Data file - database file name (see p.4)

Minimum size of the data file... (see p.3)

File of the register of updating - log file name (see p.4))

Library - path with the file name SH_CTRDB.dll

Parameters - nothing

  1. Start Storehouse and see what will operate.