Table of Contents



1. General

1.1. Some UCS applications, as well as exteranal software, could be installed in alien operational systems.

1.2. In most cases you do need emulation of original environment.

2. MacOS

2.1. Use WineBottler software.

2.1.1 Tested Wine version 1.8.2. with Mac OS version 10.12.6.

2.1.2. Wine makes integrated virtual environment with Windows main components.

2.1.3. Copy UCS software to some folder (used new folder in MacOS system drive root "UCS").

2.2. Tested rk7man.exe

2.2.1. IR plugin works with help of msxml extension from winetricks.

2.2.2. Start with .bat file (same as windows).

2.3. Tested doscash.exe (except some device drivers).

2.3.1. Tested XML interface - fine.

2.3.2. Tested Print to file port - fine.

2.4. Midserv is startable with virtual license key from "Wine command prompt". Tesed doscash connection - fine.

2.5. Tested SH4 client 4.99

2.5.1. Install to virtually mounted system drive (usually as Z:) folder UCS (created before in MacOS).

3. Linux

3.1. Same as 2.

3.2. RK7 cash station has special script .dat file

3.2.1. wincash.dat uses the following script to start

wine preload.exe $CASHINIPATH
rm -rf $PRELOADPATH/*.bak
for x in $(ls $PRELOADPATH/*.[Dd][Ll][Ll]); do
    z=$(basename $x | cut -d . -f 1)
    #echo $z
    rm -rf $z.bak
    rename s/.[Dd][Ll][Ll]/.bak/g $z.[Dd][Ll][Ll]
cp -a $PRELOADPATH/* .
wine doscash.exe $CASHINIPATH
exit 0