Module: "ServStat" statistics server

Designed: To collect statistics on the database object and upload statistical information to an external "Cloud".
Functional: Generates information on the following time intervals: "Yesterday","Today","Now". Data types: "Amount of money" (by bills) and "Number of customers" (by presence).

For each Customer registers a subdomain * and generates statistical database on MySQL. The OnLine statistics module is provided and installed free. But includes monthly fee for the service domain *

If you need to deploy module on the Customer's domain, in this case UCS makes these works on a paid basis.


An example of statistical reports can be found at link:
Login: admin
Password: 11111

Module in FullVersion: FullversionVerXXX\UTILS\ServStat

Module settings:

    dbname - DB path
    dbuser - DB login
    DBPassword - DB password

  [Server] statistics server settings
    OBJECT_GUID - object name
    KEY         - secret code
    URL         - path to report.php  

    Important: Parameters of [Server] section should be obtained from technical support of the UCS Abonement. 
    sqlopenKind1 - sql1 query to display data for "yesterday"
    sqlopenKind2 - sql2 query to display data for "today" 
    sqlopenKind3 - sql3 query to display data for "now" 
    LastBeforeDate     - last upload date for "yesterday" in numeric format
    LastBeforeDateInfo - last upload date for "yesterday" in date format

   Если LastBeforeDate = 0 or blank or missing, formed a parameter, and uploaded yesterday.
   Если LastBeforeDate not empty and the value is less than yesterday, the upload will occur sequentially for each day before the LastBeforeDate < = yesterday condition. 

  [Application] Application parameters
    Timer = 60000  - interval of execution of the cycle in ms (the value of 60000 is 60 seconds)