Table of Contents

1. General

1.1. Food factory is an additional module for StoreHouse5 system that can make it easier to manage SH5 system using WEB-interface.

1.2. FoodFactory module depends on SH5 WEB API server for connection to SH5 main server.

1.2.1. You should check that your SH5WAPI2 is installed and running before Food Factory installation.

1.2.2. In case you have got no Web API yet, install it as follows from

1.3. FoodFactory module is protected with license.

1.3.1. You should get master license for "StoreHouse FoodFactory V7" software in system before setup steps.

1.3.2. License is internet-based (online checking). That's why your FoodFactory server must have internet access allowed.

2. Installation

2.1. Download FoodFactory installer from 5/FoodFactory/

2.2. Start installer .exe and choose language

2.3. Accept license agreement

2.4. Select instance to install or modify

2.5. Select folder for software files and specify this instance (subfolder) name

2.6. Set up SH5 web-api connection parameters: IP address and port (this is for SH5WAPI2.exe) and SH5 user name and password as well as FoodFactory own TCP port

2.6.1. After you had set "Server address" + "Port" (SH5WAPI2) + "Username" + "Password", press "Test" and "OK"

2.6.2. These settings will be stored in appsettings.json file in this instance subfolder, where one can change them later

2.7. Confirm installation start

2.8. Complete installation

2.9. Main server filename is FF_API.exe and it is located in the subfolder as specified above.

2.10. Windows service name is FF_[instance name]

3. Setup

3.1. Default interface is a website, which url saved to hosting.json file

3.2. Open web browser and this website with IP:port and login

3.2.1. First time as dealer for licensing (first login with dealer ID and password).!/dealer-login

3.2.2. In other cases you have to input SH4 user credentials!/login

3.2.3. There are several rights in SH5 system you have to enable for administrator (or other user) of FoodFactory Open SH5 client Sdbman.exe and navigate to menu "Users" -> "User list" -> open user properties -> "StoreHouse" tab Enable rights "Allow data transfer to StoreHouse from FoodFactory" and "Allow FoodFactory settings access" (if necessary)

3.3. Get license for this Food Factory instance.

3.3.1. After dealer login, you can choose new license properties (expiration data and quantity) and submit that.

3.3.2. There is only one page "licensing" available in case you had logged in as dealer

3.3.3. In case you login as administrator next time, license information will be on "settings" page "license" tab with QR-code link

3.3.4. No need to make sub-license in - it will be generated by FoodFactory module itself

3.4. There is ReportDesigner.exe software included to edit printforms.

3.4.1. Layouts for documents are located in subfolder \Rpt\

3.5. Use

3.5.1. Browse to IP:port

3.5.2. Login as SH5 user and manage