Workplace (cashier, reception)

Subscription manager (for 1 working place)
  The main module of the Subscription manager program. 
  It is istalled to the administrator, on Cashier workplace, in sales Department, accounts Department, etc.
  Licensed by the number of simultaneously running jobs. 
  License: 4.1
Subscription manager – Reports 
  This module is included in Subscription manager program complex, not separately purchased.
  It is istalled to the administrator, on Cashier workplace, in sales Department, accounts Department, etc.
  Serves for reporting to work in Subscription manager (sales, attendance, stats, popularity services, etc.) 
  Licensed by the number of simultaneously running jobs. 
  License: 4.3
  Description: (Planar reports), (Olaps reports)
Subscription manager Bank protocol
  This interface is installed on the cashier, is used to connect the integrated Bank terminal to the cashier. 
  A module is not required for a stand-alone terminal.
  Licensed by the number of terminals. Integration is not possible with all banks (for details see Description)
  License: 3.8
Subscription manager interface to scanning system cognitive
  This module is used to recognize different types of documents and transfer their details to the Subscription manager (to speed up registration, automation of filling in the customer card).
  Using a program document recognition, Document Reader, was developed by company Regula ( supplied with document scanners Regula.
  Tested documents: RUS Federation Passport (MRZ, non-MRZ), RUS International Passport, RUS Driver License, USA Passport, BLR Passport, BLR Driver License). Integration with the Cognitive scanning system is also supported.
  Is licensed on the basis:  one scanner - one license. 
  License: 4.11
Subscription manager  CRM Interface (PDS) 
  This module is used to communicate with external/internal loyalty systems or CRM systems.
  Basic functions: Search the guest, tspend transfer, ttransfer bonus as a percentage of the payment, payment from deposit account PDS, completion deposing account
  Supported systems:
  Internal: R-Keeper CRM,
  External: UDS Game, Mobile App Mobifitness.
  License: 1.10 for external systems (fee-paying), 3.6 for internal systems (free).

WEB modules (working through Connector)

Subscription manager On-line
  WEB-module "Subscription manager On-line" is an additional module of "Subscription manager".
  It allows clients to manage their personal data, receive information about the status of their account.
  Gives opportunity to make purchases of subscriptions and check-in on individual and group events.
  License: 1.2
Subscription manager Interface with payment system Robokassa
  Is an extension for Subscription manager On-line, used for integration with payment systems (online payments).
  Supported systems: Robokassa, Assist, Surgutneftegazbank, Uniteller, Yandex Checkout.
  License: 4.5
Subscription manager Info-kiosk
  This module is installed on a specialized terminal (with payment).
  Typical configurations:
    Fitness (full work with subscriptions, private office, payment, activities with the possibility of making restrictions),
    Water Park (work in the information mode on the current stay of the client),
    Skating rink (work with mass sale of tickets, for skating rinks and other mass entertainment institutions)
  License: 1.3
Subscription manager InfoTerminal
  This module is installed on PC, monoblock etc. (without payment)  
  Typical configurations:
    Fitness (full work with subscriptions, private office, payment, activities with the possibility of making restrictions),
    Water Park (work in the information mode on the current stay of the client),
    Skating rink (work with mass sale of tickets, for skating rinks and other mass entertainment institutions)
  License: 1.4
Subscription manager Trainer display
  This module is a WEB-module of Subscription manager that allows you to monitor the work of a specialist.
  Allows coach to control his schedule, to mark the presence of customers at events.
  Allows to start and finish group and individual events in the Subscription manager, as well as additional services registration.
  Installed in the hall on the monoblock PC.
  License: 1.5 
Subscription manager Interactive Solarium
  This module allows the client to view the most complete and accurate information about the availability of resources in a few minutes.
  Choose a tanning booth that suits him. Integration is performed using the UCS controller.
  License: 1.6
Subscription manager - InfoRent
  This WEB-interface is used to automate rental service (bike rental, ski rental, skating, etc.).
  Client approaches the operator, operator issues a card with a bar code. 
  On the start page there is the current date/time, button "Scan bar code", displays additional information (the name of the type of subscription, how many issued, how many total). 
  License: 5.2
  Description: in drafting...
Subscription manager Customer Display
  This WEB module is designed for ease of customer service at the checkout.
  When serving the customer, real-time information can be transmitted to the second display. 
  Client information: Full Name, Balance, Client photo, Balance of visits on subscriptions, Status of payment for the client's subscriptions, Number of positions in the check and their names.
  Company information: Name, Address, Phone.
  License: 1.7

Additional modules

Subscription manager e-mail and SMS mailing
  This module is used for SMS and E-Mail distribution (SQL-queries, distribution templates, distribution schedule)
  License: 4.10 
Subscription manager - EventsService
  This module is responsible for working with events in automatic mode (for details see Description).
  License: 4.3 
Subscription manager Info Plazma
  The program is designed to visualize information from the database (for example, floor plan, list of customers, etc.).
  Should be displayed on a separate display in a convenient place for visitors, for example in the lobby of the institution.
  It is installed on the administrator's work computer, if there is a second monitor or on a separate computer.
  In case of placement in the hall, behind the TV set a computer (NetTop). 
  License: 4.7 
Subscription manager 1C
  This module is designed to download data from the Subscription manager or Shelter Hotel System, is a Processing type.
  Program loads all cash payments, non-cash payments and  services implementation.
  All types of payments and sales of services are transferred optionally, which allows you to use the program in conjunction with the client-Bank and other treatments for 1C:Enterprise.
  Can be used for uploading to a file (for third-party accounting systems).
  License: 4.12 
Subscription manager R-Keeper Interface
  This module is used to integrate R-Keeper cash station with  Subscription manager and Shelter software.
  Eat at the bar and pay at the reception — there is no problem.
  Module allows you to identify a guest through a fitness bracelet or card from the hotel room.
  Order falls on folio automatically in On_line mode. It is possible to search for a guest in manual mode. 
  Module works through the FarCards system and extra DLL.
  License: 2.11 
Subscription manager Connector
  This module serves as an external API for integration with additional Subscription manager modules or third-party software.
  Connecter program is an HTTP server that listens to a specific socket (a pair Host - Port) and wait for commands.
  A third-party program (or browser) sends a POST request to perform a predefined function in the program.
  Connecter understands whether the information is addressed to it or not.
  If Yes, it performs certain queries to Subscription manager DB through the internal interface, and the result is transmitted back.
  License: 4.9

Turnstiles and passages

Subscription manager Interface Turnstile
  Interface Turnstile is a software package that allows to associate hardware (turnstiles, magnetic locks and other devices controlled by UCS controllers) and Subscription manager.
  Allows you to control customer access to certain paid areas of the object.
  License: 4.2 (One module per object regardless of the number of turnstiles)
Subscription manager Inspector monitor
  This module is used for the convenience of controlling the access of visitors to the facility.
  Provides real-time access control for object visitors.
  Displays the client's photo from the Subscription manager and the client's photo during the passage (in case of using a compatible IP-camera together with the turnstile).
  Also displays the passage time and other useful information. 
  License: 4.6 

Fitness Lite

Subscription manager fitness Lite
  This WEB-module is designed to automate business processes of small sports enterprises in non-expensive segment.
  Installed using the installer on your PC.
  License: 5.5  
Subscription manager Info-kiosk Lite
  WEB module serves for working  with Fitness Lite database in InfoTerminal mode (without payment).
  License: 1.4