RK6 and Web Monitoring v4 (ASP)

Connection Rk6 system and Web Monitoring v4

Planning customer installation of UCS software and executing that plan

How to organise and prepare plan in details on what, where, when to install on customer side after contract signed.

DriveThrue with RK6

Settings for DriveThrue system and RK6.

Rk-Order application iPadServer installation manual

The manual guides you how to make Rk-Order iPad application work with R-keeper 7.

RK6 to RK7 data transfer

How to make import from RK6 to RK7.

Automatic RK6 sales import to SH4

This manual describes the usage of "Automatic import sales" function in connection between RK6 and SH4

Authorization through PINPAD terminals on RK6 Terminals

This manual describes the installation procedure to connect PINPAD terminals to RK6 terminals