R-Keeper 7 licensing

The manual guides you how to license R-Keeper 7 as well as optional modules.

Encryption and certificates in UCS software

How to secure network communication and data flow

RK7 scripting details and examples

How to resolve specific scripting tasks

Installation of OPRboard (module)

Production StoreHouse operator software

R_keeper_7 web_reports based on interactive +Dashboard

Installation and configuration of RK7 IR WebReports and Dashboard servers.

Installation and configuration of R-Keeper CRM 7

r_keeper_crm_7 installation

Use of UCS applications in alien environment

How to install to non-standard OS.

How to register and use localize.ucs.ru


OperMan and ApiServer installation

RK7 addition "Oper Man" engineer manual

Install and deploy r_keeper_Cloud

Installation and configuration of r_keeper_Cloud solution