rkPager Android messaging application for R-Keeper

Waiter or other user can get messages to his own smartphone from RK system.

Replication service setup and launch for IR Server in R-Keeper 7

Utility for editing the credentials to access the SQL server for interactive reports FS

R-Keeper 7 integration abilities

RK7 can be connected to and exchange data with other systems using program interfaces. This document has functional description of them.

Development and rework requests to UCS

How to make task for development of new features or changing system behaviour (not related to errors).

Business Periods (creation, usage)

R-Keeper 7 Kiosk self-ordering installation and configuration

RK7 applications and devices setup in order to use Kiosk for self-ordering by customer in restaurant.

Using T700 with KDS

Installation and using T700 controller with KDS- system

Testing UCS software newly developed functions or bug fixes

How to troubleshoot new-coming updates which change software.

List of common parameters in RK7

Full list of all RK7 parameters with descriptions and sequences.