Planning customer installation of UCS software and executing that plan

How to organise and prepare plan in details on what, where, when to install on customer side after contract signed.

Licensing system of UCS company

Description of UCS Licensing System possibilities and basic steps for managing licenses.

Virtual personal card software for R-Keeper 7

How to install, translate, license "Virtual personal card" software.

Web-Monitoring (ASP)

Installation of ASP-based Web-Monitoring

RK7 upgrade and translation special cases

The manual guides you how to upgrade and translate RK7 system

R-Keeper 7 documents and reports for front office (POS) list with description

This manual gives you document structure in RK7 as well as examples of printed documents and POS reports (cash station).

UCS Common Server software

How to install UCS routing application (Common Server) for other applications to share their settings.

MenuBoard for RK7

How to install and configure electronic menu board solution and connect to RK7

Guest waiter call button and receiver in RK7

How to setup device and software and make both work together (RK7).