Electronic Queue solution addon for VDU

How to install ElectronicQueue addon solution for VDU (fast food).

Scales in RK7

How to set up and use scales in R-Keeper 7.

External system (CRM) driver for FarCards

How to develop your own CRM link to R-Keeper using FarCards capabilities.

Cash Management for RK7

How to install and use Cash management software.

Fast receipt mode for 2 cashiers on 1 station (RK7)

How to configure RK7 for 2 cashiers to work simultaneously.

Video Display Unit (VDU) for RK7 fast food

How to install VDU software, configure ARM controller hardware and set connection with RK7.

R-Keeper 7 bank card authorization terminal issues

How to choose proper integration with known protocols or plan development on your specific protocol.

RK7 fiscal issues

Hot to make RK7 work properly with fiscal register(s), fiscal module(s), fiscal printer(s).

Link ITV POS Intellect to RK7

How to set up interconnection through ITV interface of R-Keeper 7 cash server.