Readers and MCR algorithms in RK7

This manual describes Magnetic readers setup and incoming data preprocessing configuration in R-Keeper 7.

RK7 Hot Cash station and server Switcher

This issue describes the Cash server immediate restore on another PC method (in case of main PC breakdown).

Data preservation, accessibility and RK7 system uninterrupted operation

This issue contains information about backup and restore, realtime switches and system stability.

RK7 shifts and operation modes

How to set up operation modes in R-Keeper 7 (shift duration, quick receipt, etc.).

RK7 and external files: export-import procedures

How to export data from R-Keeper 7 to files and (or) import data from files to RK7.

Raters in RK7

How to connect raters (PoolJet as example) to R-Keeper 7.

Accumulative data - 2

RK7 SQL DB description.

Accumulative data - 1

RK7 SQL DB description.

References data 8

RK7 SQL DB description.