RK7 SQL DB - Internal system tables

SQL DB description.

RK7 SQL DB - Logs

RK7 SQL DB description.

RK7 SQL DB - OLAP cubes and reports

SQL DB description.

RK7 SQL DB description

This parer describes R-Keeper 7 external database structure: tables, columns, contents.

RK7 XML interfaces

This manual describes possible ways of working with R-Keeper 7 xml interfaces.

RK7 visits management

How to set up cash station mode concerning visits.

Datasets and cubes in RK7

How to find and make use of reference and accumulative data in R-Keeper 7.

RK7 backup issues

How to save your accumulative and reference data in RK7.

Barcode and QR-code reader use with RK7

How to set up and use barcode reader with R-Keeper 7.

Customer display setup for RK7

How to make customer display work in RK7 environment.