Firebird as RK7 external SQL DB (deprecated)

How to configure external DB in Firebird DBMS and export data from RK7.

RK7 Objects general manual

What main objects are there in R-Keeper 7 and their dependences.

R-Keeper 7 Printing issues

Ho to organise, set up, adjust printing mechanism in RK7.

Keyboards in RK7

How to make keyboard work with R-Keeper 7.

Real time data gathering for RK7 reports

How to set up reports on the current common shift data for R-Keeper 7 manager station.

Delivery7 for R-Keeper 7 installation

How to make Delivery software work and be connected to RK7 and CRM.

RK7 Second Monitor integrated HTML driver and applications

How to install integrated HTML-based version of Second Monitor and manage layouts.

R-Keeper 7 network communications and data exchange

What protocols, ports, addresses are used by RK7 to communicate. What file exchange folders are used by RK7.

Database and other files reduction

This manual guides you how to reduce files sizes in order to make RK7 operate faster.