Data exchange with PersonalCards of external systems using CScLink.dll

Including connection from RK7 to Cardserv.exe

Planning customer installation of UCS software and executing that plan

How to organise and prepare plan in details on what, where, when to install on customer side after contract signed.

External system (CRM) driver for FarCards

How to develop your own CRM link to R-Keeper using FarCards capabilities.

Delivery7 for R-Keeper 7 installation

How to make Delivery software work and be connected to RK7 and CRM.

Data exchange issues for troubleshooting with UCS software

This manual guides you how to exchange correct data for proper and rapid troubleshooting in UCS technical support system.

Personal Discount System (PersonalCards) for RK7 and SYNCARD installation

This manual describes the PDS installation and SYNCARD (special tool to synchronize data between cardservers).


This manual describes installation and configuration process for application SynCard - synchronization module for UCS card server.