Data exchange issues for troubleshooting with UCS software

This manual guides you how to exchange correct data for proper and rapid troubleshooting in UCS technical support system.

StoreHouse 4 Guide

This is collective StoreHouse 4 book.

Fast Report designer for SH4 and SH5

The official information on creation of printing report forms in the StoreHouse v4 and v5

Automatic RK6 sales import to SH4

This manual describes the usage of "Automatic import sales" function in connection between RK6 and SH4

Cut data in database of StoreHouse 4.0

This manual describes procedure how to remove old documents (cut old data) in SH4 database

Automatic import of RK7 sales to SH4

Document describes how to set automatic import sales from R-keeper 7 to StoreHouse 4

The Report Designer for StoreHouse 4

This document contains data necessary for operation with the Report Designer in StoreHouse4 system