R-Keeper 7 Kiosk self-ordering installation and configuration

RK7 applications and devices setup in order to use Kiosk for self-ordering by customer in restaurant.

List of common parameters in RK7

Full list of all RK7 parameters with descriptions and sequences.

Licensing system of UCS company

Description of UCS Licensing System possibilities and basic steps for managing licenses.

MenuBoard for RK7

How to install and configure electronic menu board solution and connect to RK7

Electronic Queue solution addon for VDU

How to install ElectronicQueue addon solution for VDU (fast food).

External system (CRM) driver for FarCards

How to develop your own CRM link to R-Keeper using FarCards capabilities.

RK7 fiscal issues

Hot to make RK7 work properly with fiscal register(s), fiscal module(s), fiscal printer(s).

RK7 shifts and operation modes

How to set up operation modes in R-Keeper 7 (shift duration, quick receipt, etc.).

RK7 interconnection with StoreHouse4

How to set import and export for SH4 and RK7.

RK7 reports and data gathering issues

How to solve problems with accumulative data processing for reports.