Keyboards in RK7

How to make keyboard work with R-Keeper 7.

Data exchange issues for troubleshooting with UCS software

This manual guides you how to exchange correct data for proper and rapid troubleshooting in UCS technical support system.

Fast Report designer for SH4 and SH5

The official information on creation of printing report forms in the StoreHouse v4 and v5

R-keeper 7 curriculum (technical support, training, dealers)

This is curriculum for tech support engineer, training staff, dealers who are to learn RK7.

Report server in RK7

This article explains how to set and adjust Report Server in R-Keeper 7.

Microsoft SQL server installation and export from RK7

This manual describes how to set connection between RK7 and MS SQL server.

Documents and layouts in RK7

Printing layouts in RK7: objects on these layouts, their properties, operations, scripts, etc. (both for cash and manager station documents)

RK7 scripts

Description of standard RK7 functions, classes, data types, etc.

RDS: Receipt Discount Server in RK7

How to set connection between RK7 and RDS – Receipt discount server.

Dealer presets in RK7

The manual describes how to create your own dealer presets in R-Keeper 7.