A list of UCS-Moscow foreign dealer support persons.

Name Issue e-mail skype tel. number   comment
Alexey Dudenko RK7; RK6; SH4; Delivery7; RK CRM; KDS; VDU and any other software a.dudenko@ucs.ru a.dudenko.ucs 4959214770 ext. 252   technical support
Denis Morozov RK7; SH4; Delivery7; RK CRM; GK3; KDS; VDU and any other software, manuals d.morozov@ucs.ru ucsdenismorozov 4959214770 ext. 289   technical support
Natalia Volkova Licensing, invoices, software purchasing n.volkova@ucs.ru   4959214770 ext. 545   account manager
Maria Krasyukova RK7, CRM, SH5 and other software; translations, user manuals m.krasyukova@ucs.ru m.krasyukova 4959214770 ext. 555   support manager
Kirill Gribanov RK7; SH4; CRM; Delivery;KDS;VDU;MobileWaiter and any other software k.gribanov@ucs.ru live:9cd2c9becd0026f3 4959214770 ext. 182   technical support
Sergey Skulkov Shelter; Delivery6; TimeKeeper; Subscription; RK6; RK7 and any other software s.skulkov@ucs.ru s.skulkov 4959214770 ext. 282   technical support
Maria Dumcheva Licensing, software purchasing; contracts m.dumcheva@ucs.ru   4959214770 ext. 269   account manager
Ajay Kondal


a.kondal@ucs.ru   4959214198 ext. 249   business development


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