1. General

1.1. For translation of many UCS company programs that do not have built-in translation mechanism with translation files use ‘Language Localizator 6’ or similar resource editor program.

1.2. UCS software that should be translated by Localizator:

1) Game-Keeper
2) Premiere
3) CardSystem
4) Shelter
5) Delivery
6) Other

1.3. Use Localizator to translate string "variables" in *.exe and *.dll files.

2. Common sequence of actions

1)    Run Localizator (Localize.exe). Choose target language and open needed file by pressing ‘Add File’ button


2)    When file opened press button ‘Change main dictionary’

3)    Create new dictionary for every new project. If you continue translating files for your project choose dictionary created before. Press ‘OK’


4)    It needs to translate all tables in the sections ‘String’, ‘RC Data’ and “Version’

5)    Open table…

6)    …and double click row that needs for translating

7)    In bottom section type your translation and press ‘OK’. After that your translation will be added to the dictionary automatically. Repeat this operation with all rows in the table and with all tables in necessary sections

8)    After finishing translation press button ‘Compile (F9)’, then ‘Put to the program (Ctrl+F9)’


9)    You can find translated file in the folder ..\<lc> ('lc' is your language code, by example ..\EN for english)

10)    If you have filled dictionary and want just apply it to *.exe or *.dll file (in case when new version of software was released) open this file, choose your dictionary, mark the section (‘String’, ‘RC Data’, ‘Version’) and press button ‘Translate all untranslated lines (Ctrl+A)’. Check whether stay untranslated strings in the tables and translate them. Then compile new file (point 8)

11)    Sometimes it needs to apply dictionary to already translated file in the ..\<lc> folder, because not every row will be translated (Localizator bug)

12)    To translate other files (not *.exe and *.dll) use simple text editor. Other types of files: *.sql, *.xml, *.sqlt, *.ini, *.txt

3. Adds

3.1. Keep in mind that clients and servers communicate between themselves and send "messages" to each other. That's why you have to translate all resourses in all software package .exe and .dll files.

3.2. Do not forget to translate additional .ini and .xml - like text setting files. In many cases "strings" come from setting files.

3.3. In addition, you have to translate data saved to SQL database. Some software has preset objects in DB that should be translated using sql-query (script).